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St Francis Music Facilities

St Francis Church was built in the mid-20th Century so as you would expect, the buildings and facilities are modern, well designed, warm in the winter and versatile.

The main church seats 300 in it's regular configuration, but seats and pews can easily be moved around to suit all types of events and concerts
In 2016 the Church spent a considerable amount of money on a new state-of-the-art lighting system which has a number of pre-programmed lighting set ups including Concert, Candle-lit services, Evensong etc. All the pews have recently had cusions added for extra comfort

The parish hall is large and can easily accomodate 100+ people. As part of the hall suite, there is a recently modernised kitchen and modern toilets. The hall also has a seperate entrance from the Church as well as direct access into the Church itself.

There is also the Parish Room which makes a useful space for small meetings of up to 15 people, and this has its own kitchen and toilet facility.

Upstairs from the Parish Room is the Song School which as choirstalls and an upright piano. This room also has it's own (gents) toilet, and a kitchenette

There is an upright piano in the hall, a grand and upright piano in the Church, as well as the organ.

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