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The Organ

The organ was constructed by volunteers from choir and congregation, between 1971 and 1977 using materials from organs in buildings facing closure or demolition, and also some new pipework.

Professional voicing was carried out by E J Johnson & Son in 1987, they then maintained the instrument and installed solid state action in 1994.

In 1997 Peter Wood, of Halstead, Essex installed an 8 channel multi-level capture system and took over the maintenance of the instrument.

In 2001 a Clarinet, using revoiced pipes from Peter Wood’s stock, was installed.

In 2002, on Peter Wood’s retirement, regular maintenance was taken over by his associate Michael Young.

In 2005-6 the organ was cleaned and overhauled. The swell box was extended, and new chests were made for the Swell Faggot. The Clarinet, while remaining a Great stop, had its pipes placed in the swell box.


Principal        8
Gedeckt        8
Octave            4
Suabe Flute     4
Super Octave   2
Larigot           11/3
Sesquialtera     II
Mixture           III
Clarinet           8
Posaune        8
Octave Posaune   4

Swell - Great


Chimney Flute     8
Salicional          8
Voix Celeste       8
Principal          4
Wald Flute         4
Octave           2
Scharf           III
Faggot         16
Trumpet         8
Posaune (Gt)         8
Octave Posaune (Gt)         4

Unison Off


Contra Bourdon         32
Principal           16
Bourdon          16
Dulciana          16
Octave          8
Octave Bourdon         8
Super Octave         4
Choral Flute         4
Mixture           III
Faggot (Sw)           16
Posaune           16
Octave Posaune         8

Swell - Pedal
Great - Pedal
Gt & Ped combs
Gens (1-6) to Sw Toe Pistons

The Swell Posaune and Octave Posaune do not operate through the Swell-Great or Swell-Pedal couplers. If either of these stops is drawn they will be the only stops to sound on the Swell, any other Swell stops drawn will sound on the Pedal or Great if the appropriate coupler is drawn, they will not sound on the Swell.

Compass: Pedal 32, Manuals 61, but soundboards only have 58 notes, only the Posaune, Clarinet & Faggot go up to C.
Thumb pistons: 6 to Swell, 6 to Great, 10 Generals.
Reversibles for Swell-Pedal, Great-Pedal.
Toe pistons: 6 to Pedal, 6 duplicating Swell pistons or Generals 1- 6.
Reversibles for Swell-Great, Swell-Pedal, Great-Pedal, Full Organ.

Source of pipes:
The Masonic Temple, Birmingham, Compton 1937 (also the stop tab console)
The former organ in Trinity Hall Chapel, Cambridge, Harrison & Harrison 1922 via E J Johnson
St Stephen’s Church, Dundee, Willis c.1915
St Peter’s, Eastbourne, Norman & Beard 1907
The former St Francis organ, Henry Jones c.1890
Hill End Hospital Chapel, St Albans, Norman & Beard 1906
St Mary’s, Nottingham, Walker 1915
Peter Wood’s stock

Photos below taken during the building of the organ during the early 1970's

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